Saturday, 9 May 2009

In the Public Interest?

MPs are now forced to consider just what "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" means.

They have voted for laws to put all OUR personal information on one central database.
Millions of us, with our health, finance, locations, children's details, can now be put on a memory stick or disk - just like their "sensitive information" now.

Then just like theirs, our information can be wrongly put together, corrupted, leaked, lost, or sold, and used to hurt us.

I have NO sympathy. They've dropped US in it.
I'm very glad THEY are getting a taste of it.
Maybe that might make them realise in their fatcat, cocooned lives, what it's like to be a real person.

The Telegraph is RIGHT. Publication is overwhelmingly in the public interest.
Sir Stuart Bell you are WRONG. Exposure of what YOU do with PUBLIC money is definitely part of a democracy. Get real and stop whingeing.

MPs who are upset might like to join No2ID to get database info under control.


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