Sunday, 26 April 2009

Is Hetero Natural?

'What makes you think it's natural to be heterosexual?':
Christian teacher suspended over gay rights promotion row.

The lady was NOT saying that heterosexuals are normal.
She was pointing to the fact that many people assume homosexuality is not "natural."

Her question then asked why people believe this?
Possibly her manner or way of using this approach was flawed.

It would be better to explain FIRST that
-- many animal species routinely include homosexuality;
-- all human societies include homosexuality;
-- many human societies have historically respected it.
-- it is a natural method of population control.
-- religions differ in whether they accept it- there is no one religious view.

So homosexuality is certainly "natural." The question is then how we deal with differing views on its rightness - something quite different.

Young people deserve help in understanding hetero/ homosexuality both: otherwise they can live in miserable uncertainty.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gestapo Social Workers

Daughter blasts 'Gestapo' social services as they bundle mother, 86, out of family home
Please Daily Mail, expose the named person who authorised this travesty of "care."

Social Services are way out of control and thank God people now know it.

Please make sure everyone knows when dealing with these people always always always do the following:

--- have EVERYTHING put in writing - never agree anything verbally
--- don't talk with them on the phone, just keep saying thanks please put that in a letter to me
--- tape all in-person contact (start the tape then ask if they mind; this request is a legal requirement).
--- ignore their claims they "just want to have a little chat." No such thing. Anything with them is recorded in your file, and used officially.
--- notify a solicitor and your local Councillor if you must deal with them - and make sure they know you have.
--- cc all your leters to the solicitor. Ask solicitor to just file the letters at first for information.
--- check the DP Act.

They can and do wreck families' lives.