Sunday, 10 May 2009

MPs Expenses

Thank you to the Telegraph for aiding democracy in exposing this corruption. You are quite right that “acting in good faith” means claiming decent and reasonable expenses for the clear purpose they are intended. It means respecting that this is OUR money, public money.
Democracy is being served.

Phil Woolas MP appears to be a transvestite and fetishist claiming for women’s clothing and nappies for his own use. To each their own, but NOT on public money.
Barbara Follett MP gets police protection way above what any other frightened, mugged woman in Britain can dream of getting.
Mr. McNulty MP and Keith Vaz MP are property developers, using public money to do it.
Phil Hope MP can’t stuff all his expense paid goodies in his home, there are so many.

One MP has asked plaintively where his baby son could sleep if he can’t buy an expensive cot on expenses? Well I bought a very nice travel bed for £25 on Ebay, and I paid with my standard income, not public money. You provide for your child out of what you EARN, not by fiddling expenses.


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