Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Just Eat Less!

Jim said: stop sticking food down your throat just check on the state of the people of the Sudan, even the thickest fatty cant deny this one ...

This is dangerous, ignorant rubbish.
Yes people in starvation conditions are thin. They are also VERY SICK. They die young.

They have fragile bones.
Immune system drastically weakened.
A cut or wound will heal very slowly and infect easily, death from blood poisoning a high risk.
A small bug is serious to a weak starving body. They die of them unnecessarily.
They die young.

Weight loss done properly means eating just as much or even MORE!

The art is to eat different things, gradually training oneself to eat differently step by step.
Cut out sugar first - that can take weeks or months.
Always eat breakfast or you eat more in the evening.
Increase exercise tiny bit by tiny bit - I had to start with 15 steps across my bedroom.

Do not DARE insult the courage the patience it takes. From 15 steps to hillwalking has meant a heroic journey. ,/span>


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