Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Cameron (ugh) gets it right

Today in Parliament:
All the leaders stopped short of personal attacks on each other's claims or those by their team in a tacit admission they are all deeply involved. (Daily Mail)

I have had some sympathy with Brown about MPs expenses. But not now.
Just as the bad news was being published by the Telegraph, a frantic Brown yelled at his Ministers that NuLabour MUST clean up their act. His people refused. That's when I sympathised.

A hysterical week later David Cameron announced that he's NOW cleaning up his MPs.
Now I don't rate DC - he's an empty puppet, another Blair, who'll say anything to get power.
But here he's done it right.
Or at least he has good advisers.

His people have been told to pay back their cheating money or get out of politics.
Clegg's LibDems are also coughing up. Clegg's calling to cancel mortgages on expenses.
All Brown can do is point at a committee grinding its way to changing the system - one day.
Not good enough.

No more claiming on expenses for a mortgage, then renting out the property.
No more furniture, food and household goodson expenses.
Expense claims to be published online as soon as they are made.
Repayments are being made.
Capital gains can only be kept based on the amount of their own money that has gone on a property.
Wait for the Committee to make a decision.

Oh and Hazel Blears the muckiest of the lot is voluntarily replying a few thousads of the millions she has made. She SAYS her constituents are the most important thing in her life. Does the woman not have children?


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