Friday, 15 May 2009

One law for the rich ...

Last week a young mother was killed. She had begged for police protection because she had received threats to kill her.
Police did NOTHING. Only hours later she was dead.

Yet one of these scum MPs [fraudulent expenses] has a window broken and there are instantly TWO police guarding his home. For a broken window!

One law for rich scum. Another law for us.

However there are interesting developments. The Mail has teamed up with the Taxpayers' Alliance to bring private prosecutions against the worst MPs. The hated Jaqui Smith and Hazel Blears are top of the list together with Morley and McNulty.

It seems a private prosecution has to meet a high standard of evidence: it must show there was intent to defraud. Very sticky to prove.
Very likely there will never be any actual prosecutions. There will however be a fuss and a stink, and these fatcat frauds will be battered and badly embarrassed.

In the year leading to a general election this will be interesting.


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