Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Boy is DEAD. Use Reins on Toddlers!

A 2 year old has died at a fairground. He got away from his dad and collided with something moving.

Like the McCann tragedy, this is not about blaming the father. Far too many people neglect to use reins so he is not to blame. It would have seemed normal to him to walk with a 2yr toddler without reins because so many people do it.

My son was in reins until he was definitely safe on his own. That was around 4.
I bought 2 reins and sewed them together.
That meant he could have a "short rein" in busy places, crossing the road. But in a safer place he could have a bit more freedom, like in the library (ist floor, closed off but big space for him)

However whatewver we do it's almost impossible to contain every 2yrs. They are just so totally unaware of danger. We were in a little kiddies playground once, off the reins. He slipped away and was found outside by the ice cream van!

Interestingly the reins taught him a set limit of how far to walk away from me when not wearing them later. This was very useful for years till he outgrew it.


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