Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Praise song

Is there greater joy than to see your child triumph? I doubt it.

Yesterday my Boy went to take an exam, the first of a series over the next few weeks. After much pushing - bullying and coaxing both! yes he DID work hard. He left very early in the morning light, a hero walking, well prepared and gleaming.
It took a lot from us all as a family. Quite honestly I was far more exhausted than he was. But ...
I think I was happier as I knew so much more of what we'd accomplished together.

Strange things these hormones. As a young woman there was nothing I loved more than fiercely reaching for what I willed. Then Love, and the beloved's needs twine with mine. But nothing, nothing, nothing compares to the all engulfing Song of the Child.

Oh dear he was so brave. He rarely shows, or I think, feels fear. A much loved being, glowing full of confidence. But in this endeavour, yes he came to shelter with me before and after the great effort of the event itself.

No there is no greater joy than to see him conquer. I just wish it wasn't so exhausting - for me!


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