Wednesday, 20 May 2009

False Allegation

An accused taxi driver is to get financial compensation for a false rape allegation that wrecked his life. This is indeed a landmark case.

Now can we have compensation for families wrecked by "guilty till innocent" investigations by Child Protection?

Any family should be very very wary of asking for help from Social Services. Help means interference. You are unlikely to get much real help, and you could easily find they disapprove of something quite petty and start investigating you.

These so-called Child Protection investigations are far far worse than the police. They are actually more terrifying as the risk of inefficient Social Workers taking a child away without cause is very high. That's worse than any criminal sentence.

Social Services do not use rules of evidence.
They often depend on a single person's opinion - and this can be about what MIGHT happen, not what HAS happened. So you can be completely innocent of any wrongdoing.
Social Services also pretend to be casual, to "have a chat", to be "helping." When in fact they are deceivinjavascript:void(0)g you and trying to tick boxes against you.
They tell people they shouldn't contact a solicitor, which police cannot say.
They have no duty to tell the family their rights.

Like this poor man, life is ruined, as family is shunned. Child is isolated in a wrecked family. It takes many many years to recover, if ever. Childhood ruined and can never be put right.

Anyone suffering from false allegations can get help from the Family Rights Group (FRG); or False Allegations Support Organisation (FASO).

NEVER be taken in by talk of a "little chat." there is no such thing. Every contact with you is written in a Report and kept permanently on record about your family.
NEVER agree anything or discuss anything on the phone. For every single thing, ask for it to be put in writing.
DEMAND the reason (in writing, make a copy) for any Assessment, investigation or contact. They are required to tell you. They are also required to give you details of their Complaints Procedure at FIRST CONTACT with you.
ALWAYS tape EVERY meeting. Start the tape running, then ask if they mind. This is a legal requirement or else you cannot use the tape as evidence.
ALWAYS have an independent witness with you at any meeting to support you and observe what is said.
TRY not to get aggressive when they are being impossible and infuriating. This can be used as evidence you are an unsuitable parent.
FILE ALL PAPERS in a ring binder. Put them in date order, LATEST on top, oldest at the bottom. Keep any copies or attachments with the original letter/ notice. Use paper clips to fasten such bundles together. Make a copy of any letter you write and put it in this file.
CRY A LOT. Don't drink, don't drug. Talk to good friends. It's survivable, though one of the worst experiences you can ever know. Be warned: partners get angry with each other under the strain. Keep fighting!

CONTACT your local Councillors, your MP, FASO and FRG. Ask them to help you get a solicitor if you don't have one.
Family Rights Group (FRG).
False Allegations Support Organisation (FASO).
Local Councillors are listed on your Council website. lists who your MP is.


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