Friday, 22 May 2009

Peter's so-called "mother."

Peter's "mother," the woman who let her child be tortured and killed as a toddler (Baby P) is to be sentenced tomorrow. She has written an apology.

Such an apology, right before she is sentenced, is glaringly obvious as a play for sympathy. It could be dismissed as meaningless on that basis, but actually it shows up just what a foul female this is.

In a previous post here just earlier today I wrote of the absolute priority a child must take over any lover, even its own father. For if not, this is the extreme result, to "stand by your man" at the expense of a small child.

She speaks of nothing but herself in her horrible apology.
She speaks of her failure, not of the child's pain. She shows she is aware that she has a miserable future. She cries every day. She is sad she will never see her lovely son grown up.
She says nothing of the hell she created for him.

She says she failed to be honest with Social Services and as a direct result her son "got hurt and sadly lost his life."
Firstly it was not a direct result of Social Services failings that the child suffered and died.He died because certain adults tortured and killed him. Not Social Workers.
Secondly how revealing are her words. Peter "got hurt" - as if he stumbled and fell all by himself. He "sadly lost his life" - as if in a sad accident. She has no awareness that it was she who caused his suffering and his death, together with the two males she allowed to stay around him.

This excuse of a mother, this utter slut of a woman, tries to blame the tragedy on her failure to be honest with outsiders. She sees none of her own huge responsibility in allowing inferior males to stay around her child. She sees none of her failure to protect, her failure to leave.

Her child did not exist for her. Only her own ugly needs, her cowardly fears, her shameful dependency.

It is time we called time on these unspeakable females who cling to some dregs of a male, and put that foul link first, not their child. That is to be a slut, and a whore.
Inferior males, and their female allies shriek about how many lovers a woman has. They prance about in religious robes, or respectable suits, condemning sexuality as if it is monogamy that protects children. For shame on this cruel hypocrisy.

It is not the quantity, but the quality of her sex choices that makes a whore. A woman could have many lovers, but choose good partners, who do not harm her child. Or she could choose just one, clinging to him over long years of a sanctified, respectable marriage, supporting him even when he hurts or humiliates her child.
The first can be a good mother, which is what matters.
The second is a whore.

A woman's right to choose is a heavy responsibility. Time we stopped forgiving sluts who cling to bad men. It is time we held them fully responsible for the terrible harm they allow to happen. For the sin of the bad female is usually passivity.

Women are responsible for what we do. That is the core of feminism.


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