Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy bee family

Jenny Mark James and sprogs are over from Ireland. A great joy to have the house full of lovely beloved people for a week. The four poster guest room is now ready and Jenny assures me as its first users they had a great night's sleep. Lots of work being done!

Mark is working on the double doors to the garden - a set of beautiful old pub doors with greenish leaded glass panes in the top half. (Ebay natch) A tricky job that needs Mark.
James and Tal have mostly demolished the old bar - a great relief not to have it looming over us. So the lounge is now opened up and spacious.
Jenny is everywhere with ideas and practicality. How she does so much with two tinies in tow is amazing but she and Mark work together in the most skilful way keeping sprogs happy but still doing most of what they want to do. Something to see and admire.
Tonight we discussed using the new space in the lounge to create a library for all our books. But as everyone nicks books the problem is ... various wild schemes as solutions! John got thoughtful and said we can make glass doors for bookcases so off to Ebay we went and sure nuff ... watch this space.
Meanwhile Tal and James are studying for exams. Must get some fencing in for them to put up for the garden.
Oh and I'm losing weight. I have shoulders with hollows, and I can do my shirt up all down to the bottom.
A happy time.


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