Thursday, 30 July 2015

Socks, fervid fantasies, forces of darkness, and ... socks!

Michael White on the Guardian is just one of the many snipers at Jeremy Corbyn, the leadership favourite for the Labour party. So here's a response.

Jeremy Corbyn: is the world ready for his sandals and socks?
Michael White

Socks? Who cares! Is that how Michael White makes political decisions – based on SOCKS? He then rightly refers to Ewan MacAskill’s comparison of Corbyn with the packed revival meetings of the SNP, which built a landslide win. Well done, that’s a good parallel for the landslide Corbyn win we’re about to see, but unfortunately it’s only used to make White sound like he is open minded when he is not.

Apparently a democratic majority is a ‘herd mentality’ presumably when it doesn’t agree with Michael White. He’s in good company. Plato thought democracy was rubbish too. He wanted kings bred as a special group from babies taken away from their parents and programmed for the job. Bit like Brave New World.
Oddly White admits he does not comprehend the meaning of ‘Establishment’ and ‘political elite’ which are standard political vocabulary (except among Tories). He snipes at ‘fantasies of fervid populist imaginations’ so presumably he prefers the fantasies of the elite he doesn’t know about?  

White ‘is grateful for a cabinet which has half a dozen smart enough members with their feet on the ground most of the time.’ A Tory then, so not surprising he is frightened of Corbyn. They’re sloshing out so much hostile comment on this ‘unelectable’ Corbyn, we can only conclude they are terrified. If they really thought he were ‘unelectable’ they wouldn’t need to say much about him, would they?  

White lists major challenges facing Britain then asks ‘Do you think Corbyn has the answer to much of this troubling agenda?’ Odd question when we are seeing so many saying a resounding Yes. Ah, not so odd, because that’s just that silly thing, the ‘herd mentality’ and ‘fervid fantasies,’ that contemptible thing, democracy.

 # To the meat of the matter at last, Michael White claims Corbyn is -
 – anti-Europe. WHAT? Corbyn has said just as Cameron has, that providing a better deal is negotiated, he favours staying in. 
– pro-Hamas. WHAT? Corbyn said ‘I think to bring about a peace process, you have to talk to people with whom you may profoundly disagree.’

# Then Corbyn, says White, doesn’t have the money to fund his policies. Not right now on an MP’s salary and not even using his expense account, no! But Corbyn’s Economic Plan shows there is about £200bn in unpaid tax, evaded and avoided tax, and tax allowances to big companies. That’s before we get to raising the top rate on incomes of a million, which the public enthusiastically backs.

# He ‘s old. Catch up mate – 60 is the new 40 and all that. Seeing the lean, fit Corbyn in action you have to ask how many 50s or even 40s today could match him. Interestingly recent research shows the age we are is not our calendar age but a mix of genetics and lifestyle. Can cut 20 years off, or in the case of some in Government on rich expense account dinners, booze (and worse) it can add a lot too.

 Ye Olde Comforte Blankete is waved again. Michael, anyone who thinks that becoming the target of constant hostility from Tories and Blairites alike is COMFORTABLE needs a drastic reality check.

After a quick look at socks (again, would poor Michael like some nice ones sent to him? they do seem to be bothering him) we come to the doom filled warning of ‘forces of real darkness.’ Oh dearie dearie me, fantasy time. Broomsticks and demons? But I thought it was us masses who indulge in ‘fervid fantasies.’


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