Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Thank heavens for a voice of reason. Perhaps the breast bullies can now be made to SHUT UP.

"Michael Kramer, a professor of paediatrics who has advised the World Health Organisation and Unicef, said that much of the evidence used to persuade new mothers to breastfeed was either wrong or out-of-date. (Article)

NO solution suits everyone. Which means the grossly simple statement "Breast is Best" - is a lie.

It's NOT best for those whose babies are allergic to their milk.
It's NOT best for those with greatly weakened systems - which is common after a hard birth.
It's NOT best if the mother's milk is scanty.
It's NOT best if the struggle to do it is exhausting, painful, and a barrier between mother and baby. Yes effort and good support can overcome problems - but some would rather just be happy with their happy baby.
It's NOT best for ensuring the greatest involvement by a devoted father.
It's NOT best if pushed at mothers as a guilt trip.

For many it might be best.
For others it just isn't.
Live with it. We're different.


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