Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Buckets for Social Services

Apparently children who are "young carers" for parents with health oproblems don't get enough support.

There should certainly be a system in place so teachers know a pupil has good reason for late work.
Also the very real benefits for personal maturity, practical organisation should not be underestimated.

I'd recommend some buckets and rubber gloves for Social Workers so they could do a proper job and make themselves USEFUL. For a change.

It comes back to the current monumental failure of Social Services.
They are too busy fussing and interfering in healthy families to have time for families with real needs.
It's so much easier to tick a box for a family that needs nothing but has been "assessed" than to actually do something practical to help where needed.

It would be far better to cancel meetings, take away the briefcases, ignore the degrees.
Just issue pinnies and rubber gloves and buckets.
A bit of practical home help would help families in need far far more than all the conferences, meetings, assessments, and reports in the world.


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