Wednesday, 3 June 2009

60 Today - many happinesses

So today was my real 6oth birthday even though my party with Jenny's family was on Saturday.
A quiet day today - there's been a heatwave for a week anyway. Tal did his History exam this morning - partly why we did the more active celebrating at the weekend.
A lot of happy things.

I made some Mabinogi notes this morning (brain happiness),
chatted with Colin who is staying bless him (Friend happiness).
Spoke with mama, only a minor squabble! (simply B)
Checked out a tile design vinyl for the kitchen floor (House happiness).
Tal came back in fine style from his exam, (maternal priide and teacher happiness) with John escorting (father devotion happiness).
I retired to a long bath with rose oil (hedonism happiness)
where I read a cute book by Fay Wheldon (silly book happiness)
and John brought me my old favourite banana custard, (hedonism happiness again) accompanied by Senua Cat and Morgaina Cat (Cats happiness).

John and Tal brought me a PILE of presents -
the most magnificent being a laptop they bought jointly the darlings. I am strictly instructed to use it for ME so it will be mainly for my writing and studies. Careful notes by my John in green Celtic font! (IT happiness)
Also a pretty skirt, scarves, (clothes happiness) a book )brain happiness), and for sheer craziness two model London buses (? a dream of road life fantasy but also a reminder of my very young days as a bus conductor).
I also have a fluffy with cat design and exquisite handmade card from Colin and Joan; not forgetting my fluffy hugs from Jenny and John's tiny witch model.

Many many happinesses brought together on a delicious day touching on all my aspects.

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