Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Quis custodies?

Today it is said that MPs cannot be trusted to handle their own finances.
Get real. It's not that MPs can't be trusted to handle their own finance claims.

NO ONE can be trusted to check their own finance claims. ANYONE who could just claim whatever they wanted would get greedy.

So what was the Fees Office doing? If the claims put in had been properly handled - accepted only when mainly incurred as part of work expenses - most of this would not be happening.

Andrew Walker, Commons' finance and administration director who ran the Fees Office must not be a scapegoat. He DID try to challenge the unspeakable Speaker Martin about all this. Martin suppressed his reports.

The question now is WHO will the new "independent" Fees Office be accountable to? The tax authorities are too overstretched. The citizen panel sounds like a good idea. There are plenty of people who oversee expense claims for their companies who could do this.


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